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12 Supplies That Must Be Carry On Vacation


Well Friends, in the previous article we have discussed some of the reasons why you should travel during the year. You can restore your level of focus and motivation for the next year. In addition, you can also open opportunities to find new connections (with anyone, anywhere).

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Now, what we need to discuss further is what to bring when you’re ready for the holidays. Let’s talk about the 12 fixtures you’ll need to take with you on vacation.

  1. Money and documents for unforeseen purposes

Any vacation, you can not forget to bring money and travel documents such as itinerary and passport. As you know, if you forget to carry a passport, do not take a vacation, go on a plane you will not be able to.

Passports can also be used for “tickets” to enter places such as clubs or bars. In addition, you also have to carry more cash because in December, not just a big store that will give discounts but the same small shop.

Oh yes, do not rely too much on credit cards because not all places accept payment by credit card. Better avoid than cure right?

  1. Travel bags for all equipment

Indeed everyone who is on holiday will definitely bring a suitcase or bag to store clothes and other supplies. But, make sure you choose the type of bag or suitcase that suits the event and your destination on vacation.

If your vacation involves more than one area, you better use a backpack. If you’re going to bring lots of great equipment like cameras, duffel bags are your choice. But, if you want a beautiful holiday that requires a lot of clothes and so on, you better use a wheeled suitcase.

  1. Camera to capture beautiful moments

The camera is not only needed by a photographer, while on vacation everyone needs to bring a camera. Especially if the destination is very good. Do not you want to capture your memories?

Reportedly, with a camera that is ready for photos, you will become more thorough and look around you with different views. You will get used to finding the point of beauty of things because you are thinking about how to get beautiful photos that you can capture.

  1. Sanitation equipment, look clean wherever you go

Sanitary items such as anti-germ soap, toothbrush, face wash soap, hand gel, or comb should definitely be your priority when you’re packing. Why? Because tourists who are on vacation are often infected with diarrhea because it is less suitable for local hygiene.

The downside, if you get sick while on vacation, you are forced to spend more money to buy medicine. It’s still better than if you had to be hospitalized in a foreign place because you were not cleaning up.

Instead of wasting your time and money on medicines, you should avoid using sanitary supplies.

  1. Sunglasses, let cool in the hot weather.

Well, this is the equipment you need to bring anywhere without distinguishing any weather. Indeed sunglasses can protect you from the sun, but do you know that even snow reflects 80% of the ultraviolet light that can damage your eyes?

For those of you who want a vacation to a snowy place like mountains in Papua, make sure you also bring sunglasses.

Not only that, sunglasses you can use to protect you from dust when you’re driving. You can also prevent headaches and migraines with sunglasses when the weather is sweltering.

  1. Headset, because you need music to keep you company

This is one of the must-take equipment when you’re on a plane, especially if you’re on a long flight. Instead of tired of contemplating for hours, you better fill in your time by listening to the song on the plane.

The use of headsets is not limited to planes, you can use a headset when you’re looking around. Maybe if you do not have this equipment you can feel very bored during your trip to change area.

  1. Sandals or comfortable shoes

Wherever the holidays, make sure you do not forget to bring slippers or comfortable shoes reserve. Imagine if you want to look around the city and have to walk a long way with stylish shoes that are not comfortable at all?

You will only burden yourself and the streets will not feel cool when you are disturbed like this. In your mind would just want to go back to the hotel or stop by the supermarket to buy new sandals.

Well, rather than throwing money like this you better bring back sandals from scratch. Especially if the place you visit involves a lot of sand, rocks, or protected forest. Investing in good shoes is a wise choice.

  1. Travel charger, because plugs are not always universal

While packing, this is probably the first fixture you remember. How not? If there is no travel charger, you will not be able to play your phone freely.

Moreover, sometimes the hotel has a kind of plugs that are not universal. Therefore, you should always carry this tool while you are on vacation, wherever it is.

Although definitely remember to bring travel charger, usually you forget to bring a travel charger that has a USB plug. As a result, the travel charger that you have brought any so no use, and you have to buy a new charger that has a USB tip.

  1. Masking tape make an emergency

Maybe you will be a little confused with this one? Why bring a tape while you’re on vacation? But, you need to know that tape can help you in an emergency.

For example, when your bag is torn you can use tape to patch the bag or shoes temporarily. Not only that, the strong texture of masking tape is also used to attach more gear to your bag.

It’s not always an accident, but it would be nice if you could handle the accident easily (and practically).

  1. Emergency medicine, in times of illness

Emergency equipment may be used to treat illness due to lack of hygiene (see equipment no.4), but in fact, emergency equipment is directed to First Aid.

First aid should always take you because you do not know when the accident will happen, and when there is an accident, you do not need to panic because you are equipped with drugs.

You can also easily overcome foot sores from shoes with plaster you have prepared. Nothing wrong if too careful.

  1. Lotion for all weather

Lotion must be brought to your skin health is also maintained during the holidays. The most needed product if you are on holiday to a fairly hot place is sunscreen. Not only do you protect your skin from skin cancer, but you also prevent sunburn on your skin.

If for a cold place at the end of the year, you need to bring a moisturizer, because the weather is too cold can make your skin dry. Imagine when you spend more than 2 weeks in a snowy country without a moisturizer. Going home your skin may already be like fish scales yes.

  1. Earplugs

Many people who often forget to bring this tool, perhaps because it is too underestimated its usefulness. But, make no mistake, earplug helps you ward off the noise and pain of the ear while flying on the plane.

Earplugs also help you while swimming so that your ears do not enter the water and become “deaf” temporarily. With the same function that is to ward off water, earplug can also be used when you’re having fun in the highlands.

Vacationing along is the most exciting thing because not only can you buy shopping.

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